Unconventional, no banks can compete! Great interest, better than others in the market.

September 19th 2019 at 8:50pm Published by firstdownadmin

Before I took the loan, I read lot of reviews on First Down Funding being unreasonable. Personally, I find First Down Funding outstanding! Rates are better than others, and how First Down Funding determines your loan amount is totally out of this system, no bank can compete, at least not right now! I would recommend every small business to try First Down Funding, however, I will advise if you are taking a loan, be responsible for yourself, as well as First Down Funding’s money, do not forget the money isn’t yours until you paid back to First Down Funding. and stop complaining, because First Down Funding is not your government, they are just another business institution that is just larger than you. Good luck. Thank you, First Down Funding, you’ve got my business!