Great service

September 21st 2019 at 7:53pm Published by firstdownadmin

When banks and other financial institutions seeking to finance you when your credit is perfect, having a collateral with more value that the funding asked or having in your bank account more money than the funds you ask a simple thought coming in your mind. If I had all this what is the reason to ask for funding? I was researching some working capital to grow my business or to feel secure I could go on slow days .The second year of a business that had 100% increase in sales. With fair personal credit in the range of 670 score. Only First Down Funding could look the real factors in my business. High cost of financing … Yes, it’s true… But sometimes we need to pay high when pay lower finance options are not available. I recommend anyone having a good idea of his finances and the cost to apply if cannot have the necessary working capital.