First Down Funding is very professional and stands above the banks

September 21st 2019 at 7:33pm Published by firstdownadmin

I found this company on my morning radio station that I listen to every day. They talk about how easy it is to get approved for business funding without going through all the paperwork at a bank. This was hard for me to believe being a business owner, so I went to the Internet and filled out the short paperwork and submitted. Within a short time, I received a call from the company, but was unable to answer. I called back and Samantha answered the phone. They had received my app and needed just a couple more things from me, which I gave them, and she told me I could have the funds right now transferred to my bank account. I was very surprised how easy this was. I was told my funds would increase over time with the more business that I would do with the company and that I could pay off the business funding account anytime with no penalty. I will be doing more business with First Down Funding, rather then my bank in the future. I am very happy that there are still company’s out there looking out for us small business company’s that the banks give us a hard time when you ask them for funding. I would recommend First Down Funding to every small business that have hard times with their banks trying to get funds when you need them the most.