First Down Funding gave us the opportunity that Wells Fargo and Chase did not!

September 14th 2019 at 11:19pm Published by firstdownadmin

 We are a start up Private Security company here in Maryland. All we needed was a loan to help us meet payroll as our business continues to grow. We went to the big banks and nothing. One day we received a flyer from First Down Funding in the mail. Reluctantly, in February 2014, I called and spoke to one of their Managing Partners. I gave them the run down. They asked for 3 months of bank statements and last years tax return. That was it. I received a call from Paul Pitcher and I had $14,500 deposit in my bank account within 48 hours! I was able to put a large down payment on a 2015 Ford Explorer, purchased $5,000 worth of surveillance cameras and $3,000 worth of Marketing material. I turned that $14,500 into $7,500 of new monthly revenue!! Again, on March 2nd, 2015 I submitted for another $18,000 and again I received the deposit 48 hour later. First Down Funding allowed me do create another $8,000 in new revenue which now totals over $255,000 of monthly revenue in 6 months. I would have never been able to see those kinds of numbers without the help and trust of First Down Funding. I am forever indebted to First Down Funding.