Business Loans in South Carolina

According to the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, there are roughly 400,000 small businesses operating throughout the state. Over 97 percent of all employees in South Carolina are working for small business owners. These staggering numbers make it apparent that entrepreneurship is common and highly important to residents. Many owners of small businesses seek out business funding to help get their ideas off the ground. Business funding is the saving grace for many companies, allowing owners to put money back into the brands and services they’ve created.

South Carolina is one of the Southeast’s most famous states – it played an integral role in many parts of the Civil War. The area is rich in history, it was originally an English colony. The state has a thriving tourist industry but also has plenty of local industries that help the area stay afloat throughout the year. The economic downturn in 2007 impacted South Carolina significantly, but recent years have seen a resurgence of industry in the area. Agriculture, manufacturing, and services all play a major role in the local economy. There are a number of awesome cities in the state that can be used to start new small businesses.