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    FloridSmall Business Fundings

    Small Business Funding for your Florida business could mean an average of $78,784 of capital to grow with. This means investing in that employee, equipment, or a new location that you’ve been imagining—but not acting on—for years.

    Small Business Funding for Florida-based businesses specifically are few and far between: Most state-specific Small Business Funding programs come from state governments, and Florida’s state government mostly provides small business financial aid in the form of small business tax credits.

    There are some states of FloridSmall Business Funding options for you to consider. Beyond the few Florida commercial funding programs that the state government offers, there are multiple Florida small business financial programs that offer some valuable relief to Florida small businesses. Florida state government offers venture capital and tax credit opportunities if you’re willing to look beyond Small Business Funding for financial aid.

    Plus, there are additional Florida small business financial resources like First Down Funding.


    First Down Funding makes it streamlined and simplistic in order to understand your First Down Funding Account before you hand sign on the dotted lines

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    Determine your need for Small Business Funding in Florida

    There are a few variables to consider when determining the right Small Business Funding for your company. Think about whether a long-term or short-term funding option is best for your needs. If you just need funding to fulfill a large order or take advantage of a one-time opportunity, funding with shorter terms are probably best. If you need to purchase a piece of machinery that will last 20+ years, a long term funding is more cost effective. 

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    Small Business Funding To Reactivate Your Business in Florida

    Funding Provided To Small Businesses For Various Purposes By First Down Funding.


    Small Business Funding in Florida

    Florida became a state in the Union of the United States of America on March 3, 1845. By land, it’s one of the largest states in the country, while also being the fourth most populous states behind California, Texas, and New York. The majority of Florida’s citizens are packed into four of the state’s major cities, including Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa Bay, and Orlando, FL all of which rank in the top 75 US cities by population.

    Known as the Sunshine State, Florida is a tourist destination both domestically and internationally. There are hundreds of miles of coastal beaches both on the Atlantic Ocean and nestling up on the eastern Gulf of Mexico. Florida’s most synonymous travel destinations are Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando, and a variety of other amusement parks scattered throughout the state. Florida is also home to half of Major League Baseball’s Spring Training facilities, drawing millions of visitors between February and March.

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    Top cities in Florida

    Florida is one of the most populated states in the country for a reason: Its beautiful coastlines and favorable tax laws attract people from across the nation. If you’re thinking of starting a new small business, Florida is one of the best places in the nation to do so. You have a range of large cities to choose from when it comes to deciding on a location. In addition, each of these cities has personal funders that can provide your small business with Working Capital Financing to make it to the next level. Below we’ll explore Florida’s top cities and the local funders in each of them!

    Jacksonville, Florida

    Jacksonville, Florida is the largest city in the state of Florida. The area is well known for its medical industry – the Jacksonville medical center performs groundbreaking research. If you’re looking for a large city to start a new business in, First Down Funding is your top option in Jacksonville.

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    Miami, Florida

    Miami, Florida is one of the most famous cities in the country. It attracts interest from around the world due to its nightlife, condos, and ocean views. Miami is one of the best places in Florida to start a business, but the cost of living is high. First Down Funding is one of the top funders in Miami.

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    Tampa, Florida

    Tampa is a large bayside city in the state of Florida. The region is well-known for its insurance and shipping industries. Tampa is a much cheaper place to start a business than Miami.  First Down Funding is one of the top funders in Tampa.

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    Orlando, Florida

    Orlando is home to the Disney World Resort. If you’re looking to capitalize on the tourism industry, this is one of the best places to start a business. If you’re thinking of starting a business in the area, use First Down Funding to get the funds you need.

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    St. Petersburg, Florida

    St. Petersburg is considered the luxury extension of Tampa. If you’re looking to start a business in an upmarket area, this is also a great place to choose. If you’re thinking of starting a business in the area, use First Down Funding.

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    Tallahassee, Florida

    While not nearly the largest city in Florida, Tallahassee happens to be the capital of the state. Much of the local economy is driven by government workers, but there’s still plenty of space for small business owners. First Down Funding is one of the top funders in Tallahassee.

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    Here are 5 reasons why your business might need a funding for your Florida business:


    Cash Flow


    To Improve Terms on a Larger funding.


    Probably the most obvious reason to consider Small Business Funding is to invest in an expansion opportunity for your business.

    Learn more about what your business qualifies for with First Down Funding.

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    How to Apply for a funding in Florida

    Small Business Funding application is different from personal funding. If your company is older and well-established, you should have no problem taking out a funding. You’ll need documentation of sales and expenditures associated with your company. This lets First Down Funding know if you’ll have the funds to pay back the funding.

    Quick Approval for Small Business Funding in Florida

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    What First Down Funding is looking for


    The ability to pay back the funding based on collateral, financial reserves, and assets.


    The borrower’s successful past performance in business (for a new business)


    The borrower’s existing cash flow (for an existing business)

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    Commercial Business funding & Financing In Florida

    When you need it, securing a traditional banking funding can be next to impossible. The path to securing Small Business Funding or scoring a traditional bank financing in Florida can often become a real struggle and feelings of defeat, thanks to these funding necessities.

    Only 25% of businesses who requested funding in 2017 were approved for a traditional funding. This leaves three-quarters of business owners across the country without access to the funding they were searching for. By the way – the wait for a traditional funding decision will usually last up to 90 days, whether you’re approved or not. Can you afford to find out if a traditional bank will offer you funding?

    And to make things even more irritating, the wait can extend to six-months or beyond.

    We didn’t like the way banks were treating small businesses who were in the market for a funding – so we did something about it.

    A traditional funding would never be able to expedite funding decisions the way we can. With First Down Funding, most applicants only have to wait one hour to be approved for funding.

    The number of business owners who go from funding request to cash in their hand in less than 24 hours always amazes us. Our funding alternatives to SBA funding, online business funding or commercial business funding in Florida can arrive in your bank account by the end of the next business day after your application has been accepted.

    If you’re looking for funding alternatives to traditional traditional bank Financing for a retail business or even a small business line of credit, our company has been preparing funds for small businesses to achieve their dreams for almost a decade. We look forward to helping business owners for decades to come.

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    Small Business Funding in Miami

    The Miami-Dade area is host to a business climate unlike anywhere else in the U.S. The southern tip of Florida is a major tourist destination, especially in the winter months. The beaches and nightlife combine to make the area one of the most enjoyable places to live if you can handle the heat.

    Running a business in Miami requires you to be a smart investor, understanding the intricacies of which locations will work for your products or services. Real estate in downtown Miami isn’t cheap, and neither is the cost of operation for any business. Surviving all four seasons in the city requires hard work and dedication.

    Because of the competitive nature of business in Miami, many look to expand before they are forced out of the market. Freeing up the capital to make a substantial change to your offices, storefront, mobile platforms or restaurant can be an immense challenge for a small business. So, where do you turn to for business fundingalternative or merchant cash advance in Miami? That’s where funders like Fast Capital 360 come in.

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    Small Business Financing in Miami from First Down Funding

    When having enough cash-on-hand to finance your expansion is impossible, an unsecured Small Business Funding from a traditional bank can be your best option to get the job done.

    Many banking institutions routinely make funding applicants wait 90 days to learn if they’ve been approved for small business lines of credit, with some applicants reporting waits as long as six months.

    And, in this fast-paced city, business owners don’t always have the time to wait such long periods to receive their funding alternative or merchant cash advance in Miami.

    With us, you will never have to wait that long for an alternative to business fundingor a merchant cash advance. Our applicants are notified of their approval within hours, in fact, most users wait just 60 minutes to be approved for funding.

    Once your funding program is approved, our funding alternatives to short-term Small Business Funding can arrive in your bank account by the end of the next business day. Many business owners go from application to cash in their hand for a Working Capital Financing for your new business in under 24 hours.

    When you are approved, funding can be wired to your bank account by the end of the next business day. Use the cash from your funding alternative or merchant cash advance how you please, we never place stipulations on how or where you spend your capital.

    First Down Funding is one of the top alternative funders in Miami

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    Types of funding in Florida

    There you have it: The ins and outs of finding Small Business Funding in Florida. Though there’s a solid lineup of good local funding options for Florida small businesses, there aren’t as many funding programs as there are small business tax credits in Florida. If you’re eager to work on your business’s bottom line, consider pivoting your search to these tax credits.

    Business Term funding

    This is a “traditional” funding, where your organization receives a lump sum in exchange for monthly payments. This funding is best suited for established businesses and non-profits, but newer organizations may be able to qualify as well.

    Business funding typically have a term of one to five years, and the interest rate can vary. These funding can cover a range of business needs, including expansion or purchasing equipment. Some business funding may have a pre-payment penalty, so keep that in mind as you review options.

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    Business Line of Credit

    A business line of credit provides immediate funding for your organization. Your organization can access the credit line when you need funding, and then repay what you borrow. For example, if your organization is approved for a line of credit of $150,000, and your organization needs $50,000, you can withdraw the $50,000 and then repay the $50,000 with interest. If another expense comes up, your organization can borrow again, up to the credit limit. 

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