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November 18th 2019 at 5:29pm Published by firstdownadmin

Merchant Cash Advance

Local business owners require money to maintain massive working capital to run their business operation smoothly. Although, there are many types of funding but the eligibility of your required funding is sometimes difficult due to no or less profitability. For newly born businesses, it is hard to manage the budget of business operations, income tax burden and constant cash flow. Therefore, the ultimate solution is availing merchant cash advance that is also termed as a business cash advance. It is a viable option for instant cash flow as it is a lump sum amount of money with no restricted payment policies. This is technically not funding but a cash advance that is designed in such a way that you do not need to repay monthly. This type of financing includes credit percentage of your credit and debit card terminal sales. The funding organizations demand a portion of your transactions for that credit card terminal which they arrange to have sent directly to them for the repayment of your entire funding.

How merchant cash advance organizations work?

The organizations that offer merchant cash advance provide finances to the industries by negotiating a fixed percentage on credit card payments of businesses. A company’s payments are taken from client debit and credit card transactions until the complete repayment of the cash. Many borrower are payment processor associates and then receives a set or contingent amount of potential credit card transactions from the seller.

Insight of merchant cash advance

As the funding organizations are concerned with your average monthly sales through existing terminal therefore you will have to provide statements showing what kind of volume you do through your terminal number. This financing acts as a bridge to carry the local businesses out through the rough patch such as any financial obligation. This cash advance is used to describe purchases of future credit card sales receivables.

Bonus points

  • It maintains the sustenance of cash flow.
  • There is no limitation period for the repayment of the loan.
  • It provides immediate access to working capital.
  • The entrepreneurs find it easy to pay daily as compared to the large payments.
  • The repayment of this cash does not include the specific or targeted amount of money.
  • It is not risky at all because the companies are not concerned with the leverage of your assets.
  • The application is simple as its approval demands to fill an online form.
  • You can utilize this money with your choice as it is restricted to the purchase of capital or inventory only. You can either upgrade equipment or improve your bad credit history.


  • This is an expensive form of borrowing as it needs a large number of premium fees.
  • It has higher cost of working capitals because this funding depends on your weekly or monthly sales.
  • By availing this cash amount, you are putting your account security at risk as you provide your account detail for the approval of this funding.
  • A billing error may force you to pay more that can empty your balance and cause you to skip certain transactions and collect fees.
  • Keeping an eye on the bills as their skipping may cause you to pay for those services that you are not using anymore.

First down funding – a road to success

As merchant cash advance is advance cash rather than funding that’s why many merchant cash advance companies claim that state usury laws do not bind them. Therefore, they are not restricted from charging low-cost of working capitals for the repayment of the merchant cash advance. However, First Down Funding is aimed to boost local businesses that’s why they not only provide this financing on low-cost of working capitals but ensure easy fewer premium fees that sets us apart from traditional banks.