August 16th 2019 at 8:21pm Published by firstdownadmin

Today’s business environment is more challenging than ever before. Technology has made a lot of resources and marketing channels readily available and in return new products, ideas and strategies can be easily implemented.  There is no doubt that entrepreneurs face constant pressure to pay attention to competition, daily sales volume, data analysis, and innovation.  Thus, fast-paced workplace develops, allowing very little time for team building and employee relationships.  Here are 5 quick tips that can easily be implemented with your staff while still managing other aspects of your business.

Random Encounters

A quick 15-minute walk around your office can result in random encounters and fun conversations.  Stop by someone’s desk and talk about what he/she is working on, ask how is he/she doing (and wait for their answer), ask about family matters, sports, etc. This is not only informative to you as you will learn interesting facts about your team but also it can serve as a stress reliever when you need to take a quick break.  You will find out that people want to share more than their work with you, creating an opportunity to lay a good foundation for long-lasting relationships.

Voice and vote rights – the start of a business community

Want your team to stand behind your vision? Looking for devotion for the products or services your business offers? This will be easier than you think.  Promoting suggestions and ideas from your staff not only results on higher levels of engagement but it’s also a great message pool that you can use as a resource for new strategies and changes to your business.  Create presentation meetings with voting sessions to allow your staff to have a voice and participation in your business, soon your team will gather around you as a community with honest and genuine intentions to succeed.

Help every person reach their own goals

It’s important to understand that each person has their own individual goals and dreams. Ask questions about their goals and aspirations, listen without interrupting and understand each person’s motivations.  Your business must somehow be an important piece for each team member to achieve their goals, if not, find a way to better position each employee so he/she can benefit more from the company.  Finding a purpose at work is a key component to achieving better results as a team.

Be happy to roll up your sleeves

Get more involved with the day-to-day business. Nothing is more appreciated than the boss helping with a problem customer or finding a solution to an order’s error. Roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty, everyone will appreciate expert and experienced knowledge.  Leave the executive floor and understand what’s happening at each level of your business, it’s a great way to show that you are ready to jump in the hole when it’s crunch time.

Lead by example

Every business owner and executive must know every word and every move is been closely monitored by everyone.  Your actions as an entrepreneur will translate into positive or negative energy and will result in huge successes or poor results.  Good manners, punctuality, politeness, personal hygiene, good presentation and happiness are embraced and welcomed by all members of your team.  You want to be that person who everyone wants to encounter at work, a positive attitude is always rewarded with more positive action.  What you give is what you get.

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