May 16th 2019 at 11:09pm Published by firstdownadmin

Any entrepreneur knows that having a slight edge over the competition makes a world of difference.  Many industries are over saturated, in many metropolitan areas customers are overwhelmed by the supply of services and products, and on top of everything digital advertising has created distraction everywhere you go.  It’s a challenge for business owners to multitask and keep attention to all important aspects of their enterprise.  Fortunately, there are now a lot of resources that can teach you how to create the best version of you, that is the version that stays sharp and focused, creative, fast-reacting, and the version of you that is the most profitable.

Bio hacking is becoming very popular amongst top executives and business owners, and its where you find important information to better your business life.  Here’s the top 5 list to reference from:

1. Maximize your sleep:

Sleep deprivation is the enemy of entrepreneurship.  When you sleep is when your brain restores, finds solutions to current problems, and it’s when your body prepares for the next day.  When you maximize sleeping patterns your senses peak, your mood improves and your ability to take better decisions benefits your business.  Websites like compile all information and books available about the subject.  Tony Robbins online articles can also offer important tips to rest even if your time is limited

2. Nutrition:

A well-balanced and clean diet it’s a great contributor not only to your health but to a better and more efficient business routine.  If your work involves a fast-paced environment, do not give into fast food or other way to take eating shortcuts, this not only affect your alertness but also be a detriment of your long term health. lists the top nutrition books for 2019 and the top nutrition podcasts

3. Bio hacking supplements:

We can find many supplements that enhance your performance at whether you want to improve your memory and focus, get a better night’s sleep, reduce allergies, avoid colds and flu, improve your cardiovascular health, reduce fat or build muscle and strength.

4. Improve brain function:

There are many books now available about how to maximize your brain and thinking abilities.  One important source of information and brain products is where “Modern Technology for a Better Brain” is the motto of the day.

5. Do Epic Things:

Taking part in extreme sports and other unorthodox practices is a way to improve your confidence, and this is something that is the most helpful in business.  Navy seal style boot camps, mountain climbing, hard-to-get-to locations expeditions, are some of the best examples to push your body out of the comfort zone.  Wim Hof is a good place to start where day trips and cold weather training are offered for those that want to experience a higher level of tolerance to the elements.

The bio hacking industry is rapidly becoming a multi-million dollar sector, moving from a cult status to proven science.