February 9th 2019 at 7:09pm Published by firstdownadmin

If you are not sure whether to take a business funding, asking for advice can be met with a variety of opinions.  Conservative business owners may say that a slow growth strategy can be the best option to avoid risk, while aggressive entrepreneurs will rush to seize opportunities and have the funds to grow quickly.  Here’s a short list of reasons that can help you make the right decision for your enterprise.

New or replace equipment for your business

Equipment is an essential part of any business, it can make a difference in how your team performs and it can enhance the quality of your products or services.  A long-term funding can be appropriate for larger purchases or larger quantities, but first run a revenue projection to avoid purchasing more than its needed.  A business funding to finance equipment it’s easier to get as the equipment can serve as collateral for the funding.  It is helpful to call different equipment vendors, bargain hunting pays off to minimize the amount of the funding.


So, your company just landed a new contract? Did you receive a large purchase order?.  A short-term business funding can help you with new inventory to fulfill these new commitments.  Have all on hand inventory information and all new POs when applying for an inventory business funding. The funder can use the inventory and receivables as collateral and can help you expedite the funding of your funding.

Expand or move your physical location

You may find yourself with a retail location that has an overflow of customers or an office that has no more space for needed additional staff. Well, that is good news, business is good, and not expanding can hamper revenues.  Here a long-term business funding can be the right move.  But you must carefully calculate the right option for you: move to a new location? Or add a second location? A revenue projection can guide you in the right direction. Also, make sure the increase in business is also enough to cover the additional payment associated with your new business funding.

Need for more talented staff

Competition is catching up or you urgently need innovation.  In both cases, you need fresh talent, individuals with new ideas, with more experience, and more knowledgeable. But hiring at this level means a surge in your payroll and other administrative expenses.  A short-term business funding can help your business navigate through the first few months while the new talent efforts take your business to higher revenues.  A short-term business funding can also establish a good credit history with your funder, this way you can have fast credit available when needed.

Opportunity is knocking at your door

Maybe your competitor is in the market for a buyer, or there’s a new industry that is thriving and your business can develop a new product and take part the action.  These are perfect examples where a long-term business funding can be appropriate.  A longer term will provide your business with a larger amount of funds to seize a good opportunity and better leverage your business.

Business funding can also build your business credit that can facilitate larger financing needs. 

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