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Robert Kiyosaki is one of the most well-known names in personal finance largely due to the success of his best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” He wrote that workers won’t get rich toiling away at a conventional nine-to-five job.

In “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” one of Kiyosaki’s main points is that the U.S. public school system teaches kids to be employees, not entrepreneurs. And in his hierarchy, employees are at the bottom. You can’t get rich from a paycheck, he argues. You get rich from owning assets that pull in passive income – and scaling up.

Specifically, he recommends real estate assets. At least he did during the housing boom. On the internet, you can find his articles and videos about house-flipping. Since the housing crash, Kiyosaki has repudiated this money-making practice. In a 2010 Facebook post, he wrote: “I don’t believe in flipping real estate properties…I look at properties for the cash flow.”

Some other advice from Robert Kiyosaki is that it doesn’t matter how much money you earn. What matters is how much you keep.

Here are 8 of Kiyosaki’s best money tips of all time to help you take control of your finances

8 Best Money Tips From Robert Kiyosaki of All Time

  • Financial Education: The Key to Wealth. Kiyosaki has said that his true passion is teaching. 
  • Take Control of Your Finances. 
  • Pay Yourself First. 
  • Have a Contingency Plan. 
  • Spend on Assets, Not Liabilities. 
  • Make Money Work for You. 
  • Know the Difference Between Good and Bad Debt. 
  • Learn From Your Mistakes.

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