October 10th 2015 at 9:54am Published by firstdownadmin

First Down Funding Offers Business Funding Solutions Across the United States and Starting Monday December 14th, 2015, SharpShooter Funding, A New Canadian Business Funding Division, Will Be Expanding Into All Provinces across the Great White North for Canadian Small Business Funding Solutions.

Business owners know what it’s like to run short on time, help, and cash. Things like more time, money, and sales don’t happen overnight. New business owners know that growth and success come from hiring more employees, funding marketing campaigns, purchasing software and process management tools, and staffing sales and customer service teams. Existing business owners know that brand updates are necessary, as well as on-site refreshes. All of these things are a recipe for success, but without funds to implement them, business growth can come to a grinding halt.

The experts at First Down Funding can help. They know that business owners need cash now, and they can help business owners get the cash they need without jumping through the hoops and all of the demands that a traditional bank asks for. Even if a business owner has been turned down by traditional bank, First Down Funding can help. They approve 85% of all business applicants that apply, and they can fund on the same day!

Paul Pitcher is one of the Managing Partners at First Down Funding. He is referred to as a “Game Changer” in the industry. Just like on the elementary school kickball field, First Down Funding believes that every entrepreneur deserves an equal chance, and Paul is ready to give businesses that chance with a large selection of merchant funding services. Paul has successfully developed and implemented a business funding model that gives business owners the ability to receive small business funding within hours of getting off the phone with his team. First Down has developed a simple, initial test for applicants based on their own business model. Once the process is complete, First Down Funding will roll out the red carpet for their clients.

First Down Funding’s approach gives personalized attention to businesses. The process does not involve a quick glance at an application, but it does look forward and study how funding can breathe new life into the future of the business. Small Business Funding is not restricted to new businesses; and First Down Funding is prepared to help existing, successful businesses maintain their edge over the competition. Large expenses such as refreshing the decor, furniture, or location can deplete cash reserves, and small business funding or a business advance can go a long way toward maintaining a business. The experts at First Down Funding know that little things like new furnishings, complimentary water, and sparkling modern facilities all go a long way in making a customer feel welcome and comfortable. Customers don’t become loyal, repeat clients if they don’t get the right impression, and they certainly refer friends and family to a business that do care about the appearance of the lobby, reception area, customer service counter, or office. Every detail in business matters.

Business owners can breathe a sigh of relief when they learn about using funds from First Down Funding to hire a marketing agency. The right digital marketing strategy can give a business new life through increased website traffic and sales, but it can require a large investment up front. First Down Funding is proud to provide funds to businesses who use the money to improve their online presence, with things like contests, giveaways, sales events, and social media promotions that attract new customers.

As the year 2015 comes to a close, many businesses are setting goals for 2016. First Down Funding advises every business owner not to delay a new idea or plan due to lack of funds; because First Down Funding has businesses covered. If there are dire circumstances involved, such as the inability to make payroll, buy new equipment necessary for the business, First Down Funding can help, without sky high working capital costs or excessive fees.

First Down Funding is based out of Annapolis, MD with an additional underwriting and sales office in Washington, DC, but has helped small business owners nationwide. They offer affordable funding approvals, transparent fees, flexible payment schedules, and fast approvals so that business owners can start working toward their next goal immediately. First Down Funding offers same day approval and same day funding. Interested business owners should Contact Paul Pitcher or his sales team in the MD and DC offices, and learn about fast, easy, flexible and affordable business funding today.