August 24th 2015 at 9:38pm Published by firstdownadmin

The way affiliate marketing works is simple: it’s a performance-based advertising channel in which a business pays a commission for a conversion to one or more affiliates.

The industry involves four players: brand, network, affiliate, and the customer. Not all of these players are always involved at the same time; some brands have an affiliate program and they manage the relationship with affiliates directly. In other cases, networks have offers for the affiliates to choose from and they also take care of payments.

There are lots of approaches to making money with affiliate links. Affiliate marketing websites are built to refer visitors to products and services that fit their needs. Each time you make a successful referral, you get paid a commission by whatever program you signed up for. 

Here’s How to Start Affiliate Marketing on Your Blog in 8 Steps:

  1. Step 1: Create a Website or A Blog.
  2. Step 2: Choose an Industry, and then Niche Down.
  3. Step 3: Research Products in Your Niche that You Can Review.
  4. Step 4: Sign Up for the Amazon Affiliate Program.
  5. Step 5: Add the affiliate embed codes/products to your site or choose affiliate referral banners
  6. Step 6: Promote your website