June 23rd 2014 at 11:36pm Published by firstdownadmin

Paperless filing can easily reduce long-term storage costs for your company, as well as allow you to access information near instantaneously.

7 Benefits of Going Paperless in Your Business

  • Document organization.
  • Client communication is faster and less expensive. 
  • Paperless files are easily saved and retrieved on the go. 
  • Automatic backups. 
  • Data security
  • Environmental friendliness. 
  • Financial benefits.

There are plenty of reasons why going completely paperless is an ineffectual goal. It’s not particularly environmentally friendly. It can make important files less secure. Reading on a digital device is less rewarding and less effective as reading on paper.

Eight Ways to Go Paperless in Your Small Business

  1. Implement paperless document storage
  2. Move to paperless meetings. 
  3. Use electronic communication.
  4. Copy documents with scanners and scanner apps. 
  5. Switch to digital receipts. 
  6. Invest in energy-efficient equipment. 
  7. Lease expensive equipment. 
  8. Use e-signatures.