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November 18, 2013 11:29 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Yoga is not an exercise; it is an ancient technology towards wellbeing and ultimate liberation. As the activity of the intellect becomes stronger in the world, more people will shift to yoga over a period of time and it will become the most popular way of seeking wellbeing.

The Yoga business it’s a $16.8 billion industry. Yoga’s 2015 revenue in the U.S. alone was $9.09 billion, and it’s estimated to rise to $11.56 billion by 2020.

Starting your own yoga studio isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. … Starting your own yoga studio isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. Until you build a strong clientele and business foundation, expect to live off a bare-bones wage, make sacrifices, and put in plenty of long hours.

Here Are 7 Tips For Starting Your Own Yoga Business

  1. Get Yoga Certification. First, get a yoga certification as an instructor from a recognized authority. 
  2. Create A Business Plan
  3. Build A Customer Base. 
  4. Pick A Type Of Yoga. 
  5. Choose A Perfect Location. 
  6. Have A Logo And Website. 
  7. Market And Expand Your Brand.
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