October 7th 2013 at 10:53pm Published by firstdownadmin

Tony Robbins is described as an entrepreneur, a bestselling author and a philanthropist. Out of the dozens of known business gurus and strategists, he is adjudged as the #1 Life and Business Strategist in the United States, and a “world authority on leadership psychology”.

5 Business Tips from Tony Robbins

  • Fall in love with your clients, not your products or services. 
  • Get your finances in order, and keep two sets of books. 
  • The most important part of your business is creating a raving fanbase. 
  • Always add more value for your client. 
  • Be Netflix, Not Blockbuster (stay ahead of the competition)

A common mistake new entrepreneurs make, he explains, is failing to notice changes in demand from their customer base because they’ve wrapped their identity in their company’s first offering. That said, expanding the brand or pivoting to a new approach will be just as fruitless if the decision is catered to vague market developments rather than a relationship with a specific customer base.