August 19th 2013 at 9:20pm Published by firstdownadmin

Obtaining new funding, at better cost and terms, to pay off your existing funding is small business funding refinance. By refinancing your business funding, you may be able to reduce the cost of working capital of your funding, change the length of your repayment, or consolidate your small business debt.

Some of the reasons that people refinance business funding include:

  • Reduce monthly payments
  • Reduce total APR
  • Reduce total cost of capital
  • Allow for additional borrowing
  • Make payments more convenient (e.g., paid monthly instead of weekly or daily)

To prepare for business funding refinance, you should:

Create a Clear Goal for Refinancing

Review Your Existing Debts, Capital Needs & Origination Fees

Put Together a List of Your Existing Debts

Consider Additional Capital Needs & Estimated Origination Fees

Use an Equation to Determine Your Refinancing Amount

Once payments have been issued to pay off your prior debts, follow up with the account holder to confirm that your debt has been paid in full. Obtain a record of the payoff and file it with your business documents. Next time you review your credit report, check to make sure those debts are no longer listed as active accounts.