February 18th 2013 at 12:18am Published by firstdownadmin

The nature and objectives of your business will determine the legal expertise that is most valuable to you. 

To better define your company’s legal objectives, you can ask yourself the following:

  • What legal guidance does my company need (regarding employees, contractors, government regulations, taxes, customer warranties, and so forth) in order to avoid future liability?
  • Where are there efficiency or competency gaps in the company’s daily operations?
  • What are my short and long-term goals for the business?
  • Does the company need to raise additional capital?
  • Does the business need to lease or purchase any commercial property?
  • Does the business need to restructure its existing debt or capitalization?
  • Does the company need to acquire or dispose of any assets?
  • Am I considering a sale of the company or taking the company public?
  • Does the company need to create additional divisions or subsidiaries?

Clearly defining your company’s needs allows you to proceed with your attorney search in a more productive manner.