February 11th 2013 at 11:51pm Published by firstdownadmin

We learn from small business leaders about the value of charisma in a small business, and what it takes to be an inspirational figurehead capable of achieving tangible results, whether that’s getting the best out of staff or winning new clients.

Charisma can definitely be developed and is built through confidence of who you are and owning it. Like most traits some people are naturally abundant is that area while others have to work at it, but irrespective of where you are on the spectrum it can be nurtured in order to further both your business and personal life.

Genuine charisma is tough work. Few people take the time to sculpt charisma’s underlying conviction, resilience and depth: hence charisma’s elusive nature in our current age. In fact, much of what masquerades as charisma is often seductive yet hollow charm.

If you hope to be at the top and if you want to influence your clients, customers, staff members and colleagues, you must develop charisma and empathy as part of your leadership strategy.