September 10th 2012 at 8:32pm Published by firstdownadmin

You can start a business just about anywhere, but some locations might fund themselves better to your company’s long-term prospects.

The top 20 top cities are:

  1. Orlando, FL 
  2. Oklahoma City, OK 
  3. Miami, FL 
  4. Austin, TX 
  5. Tampa, FL 
  6. Charlotte, NC 
  7. Durham, NC 
  8. Raleigh, NC 
  9. Atlanta, GA 
  10. Denver, CO 
  11. Fort Worth, TX 
  12. Jacksonville, FL 
  13. Houston, TX 
  14. St. Petersburg, FL 
  15. Dallas, TX 
  16. San Antonio, TX 
  17. Irving, TX 
  18. Laredo, TX 
  19. Oakland, CA 
  20. Irvine, CA 

Every small city offers unique advantages and disadvantages to new business owners. Some benefits include lower overhead costs, stronger relationships with customers and the potential to become a big fish in a little pond. Size matters when choosing a city in which to launch a startup. As many veteran entrepreneurs — and failed startups — understand well, bigger is not always better. A city with a smaller population can offer a greater chance of success, depending on an entrepreneur’s type of business and personal preferences.