Important Metrics You Need to Understand for Success as a Small Business

February 5th 2012 at 1:23pm Published by firstdownadmin

Small businesses can find going tough when they first start business. While everything including marketing and operations can be a bit tough to manage for small businesses during the start of their businesses, we feel that things officially get the toughest on the financial front. Small businesses have quite a hard time managing the financials of their business, which is why the best way out for them is to check up on the example of businesses before them and see how they would manage their financials in the best manner possible.

Here we take a look at businesses before yours and see how they would manage their small business finances by keeping an eye on the most important metrics for financial success in this economy.

These most important metrics include:


Without a semblance of doubt involved, income has to be the most important metric that you should keep an eye on for taking your small business to the glory that you have in mind for it. Without a good income your small business would fail to survive and wouldn’t achieve the kind of glory that you have in mind for it.

By income we mean the net profit that you make by the end of your income statement. The net profit is computed by taking all net and gross expenses out of the total for your revenue. When you take these expenditures from the figure for your revenue during a specific period, you will arrive to the amount of income you have generated in that specific period. Income is an important number when you are going for small business funding from a private lender as well, because the income indicates just how well put you would be to make the repayments on the funding you are getting for yourself.


Other than the income you generate, the expenses you have also play an important role in helping define the financial standing of your business. The expenses you have define just how well put your business is when it comes to financial frugalness. You should be able to save on expenses by being frugal. Most small businesses employ this technique and increase their incomes for the better by reducing expenses. There are two ways to increasing your profit; you can either increase your revenue or decrease expenses. And, a business that is doing poorly in sales would find a decrease in expenses the more suitable option.


Cash is the lubricant that keeps the engine of your business running, which is why it is best advised that you keep a stringent check on it. The cash inside your business can go a long way in dictating just how well managed your business is and how you can achieve greatness with it. With the right techniques you can use cash for a lot of purposes.