What is the difference between short term and long-term business funding?

January 2nd 2012 at 9:46pm Published by firstdownadmin

Short-term and long-term funding refer to the repayment time set by the funder, in which funding is paid back. A short-term funding usually will be paid within a few months to a year, in contrast, a long-term funding repayment period can last a few to several years.

The decision to apply for a short-term funding vs. a long-term funding should depend on the purpose for the funding combined with the entrepreneurs revenue projections. business funding preferably should help a business to expand and generate more revenue.

Top reasons you business can benefit from business funding:

  • Inventory Purchase
  • Add another location or move to a larger location
  • Equipment financing
  • Hire more staff
  • Increase working capital
  • Expand products or services
  • Marketing and advertising

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