August 9th 2010 at 2:10am Published by firstdownadmin

When you run a business, your most valuable asset is your mind. Any practice that involves relaxing that mind in order to regain control of it is meditation. Meditation is a common practice of many extremely successful people, and with good reason

Below are some of the ways that meditation can change the way you run your business

Meditation keeps you disciplined.

Most things in our life are outside of our control. We cannot control the world around us, or what other people say and do, but through meditation and hard work, we can control our own minds.

Meditation helps you maintain a positive mindset.

With a cool, calm mind, you’ll be better able to appreciate life’s simple pleasures because you are unconcerned by thoughts of when the moment will end or whether or not you will have a similar experience again. While our circumstances are finite, our positivity is something that can be endlessly harnessed.

Meditation teaches you to be nonreactive.

With meditation we stop thinking in terms of winning and losing, and friends and enemies, but instead feel the commonnality that we share with all of humankind.

You don’t need to set aside the time to complete a ten-day course to put meditation on your agenda this year. All you need is five minutes and a (preferably quiet) place to sit, lie down  or even stand. Your mind — and your business — will thank you.