Since retiring, there’s only been one time I actually dreamed about wrestling. In my dream, I was wrestling against Kurt Angle.

I had him clamped in a headlock. I was breathing hard and I remember telling myself: “This is only a dream, it’s not real.” But the longer I held Kurt in a headlock, I started to believe it was real. I focused on a square inch of fabric on the canvas and studied it. In my dream, I remember feeling this excitement telling myself that this was real, that I had Kurt Angle in a side headlock somewhere. Then, seconds later, I simply woke up. It was a dream. It would’ve been pretty cool for me to have that one chance to wrestle Kurt Angle one time.

I received so many letters, emails, and well-wishes from people everywhere telling me that I was in their prayers after I announced my battle with prostate cancer. I believe there is a lot of power in prayer, and I believe a lot of those prayers worked. I appreciate and remember everything that my fans have done for me. People prayed for me in my battle and I can say with great pride and gratitude that I successfully beat prostate cancer. I’m looking forward to a beautiful Christmas this year in Canada, and I will always be grateful for all the fans that supported me.

My health is really good now. On my last visit with my doctor, he told me my PSA level was zero and I’d had a one-in-ten recovery. He said I was a miracle. One of the difficult aspects of my fight with prostate cancer was the decision to go public. Prostate cancer has killed a lot of people and I like to think my coming out and talking about it would encourage other men to get checked. It’s my understanding that one out of every seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer. The key to beating this disease is early detection with regular PSA-level testing. All men over the age of 40 should get their PSA levels checked. All that entails is a simple blood test.

More recently, I have had the pleasure of joining the expansion into Canadian Funding with Paul Pitcher, who has had over four years of day-to-day funding success within First Down Funding. I’m currently commissioner within SharpShooter Funding and my son Dallas heads up the Sales of Funding Operations as Vice President of Sales.

I love Sharpshooter Funding, and it’s because it is a group that is looking out for the little guy. If you’re having trouble getting financing or starting your business, Sharpshooter Funding reaches out and tries to help. I’m happy to support in any way I can, and it’s so great to see young entrepreneurs get the help they deserve. Sharpshooter Funding has done a lot of wonderful work for many great Canadian business owners, and they are the real deal. Actually, last week, Dec. 6, marks the first year anniversary of SharpShooter Funding, and I am proud to be involved with a great Canadian company. Being involved with SharpShooter Funding has been fun, which has also connected me with some of the top NFL stars and even hip-hop artist Cam’ron. Paul puts together a great program for Canadian business owners, and I am confident the growth will continue.